So how's it going? Me? I'm alright. Just hustling to may some cash money. It's the holidays so time to buy. But I've been working on some new work for an upcoming group show called FAMILIAR FACES. It will be held ate Galerie F in Chicago with the opening reception on the 9th of December. Unfortunately, I won't be at the reception. Important plans for that day that I cannot miss.  What is quite exciting about the show is that the theme is mashups ad bootlegs. So I decided to do a mashup of Frankenstein's monster with David Bowie. Initially it was going to be a stenciled piece, but I decided to do an oil portrait instead.

Hopefully some of you out in the Chicago land area can go.



So this weekend I'll be out in Edison New Jersey for the New Jersey comic expo. I'll be sharing a 10 x 10 booth with my lovely girlfriend (also an artist) and we will both have original work and well as prints for sale.

Info found here... http://newjerseycomicexpo.com/

Also added to the website is pic of my latest head, the CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON! See it in the spray painted head section of artwork as well as the for sale srction if yu want to buy it!

And for those who have purchased stuff from me, when I get back from Jersey, I'll finally sit down and make some boxes to ship out.



If you've ever wanted one of my large Bowie heads spray painted on wood. I just uploaded one to my shop. Glam rock makes a great gift.  Also, on a side note, if you like glam rock or anything trashy for that matter... check out the documentary ROCKY HORROR SAVED MY LIFE! It's about the fans who keep RHPS alive and I wrote some music for the film that was heavily inspired by Bowie.


I'm terribly lazy when it comes to writing.

So don't expect much here. However, I travel extensively throughout the states and if you look hard enough, you can probably find me and my work at some random convention or gallery.